Universal Studios Japan - Peter Pan's Neverland


Project : Universal Studios Japan : Peter Pan's Neverland
My Role: Modeler and Texturing Artist
Tools: Max,Photoshop, Bodypaint


  • Modeling Set
  • Texturing / Shading
  • Lighting
  • Particle Based Animation (Animated Lights)

Commercial Details

Very fairytale-like! The magical water surface show, “Peter Pan’s Neverland” brighten up the night hours in USJ!! This spectacular scale show is a must-see!!

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My Role and Responsibilities

My role as a Texturing Artist / Modeler was recreate the set based on reference images and assist with animating the lights in the commercial.

Some Work in Progress still Images

(Please click them to see detailed renders)

"Peter Pan's Neverland"


"Peter Pan's Neverland"